4 November
09:00 PM Test Server Start
7 November
09:00 PM Test Server End
8 November
09:00 PM Server Start
03:00 AM First Maintenance
10 November
08:00 Disclosure of DC Lottery Results
13 November
Meley, Hydra and Jotun Entries will be Activated
15 November
Ronark Area will be Activated
17 November
Midas, Ent, Coliseum and Anglar Entries will be Activated

Explanation About the Presentation
The features below are prominent features in our server.
In order to avoid unnecessary details in the introduction, not everything has been added to the presentation.
You can learn all the details about the game from the wiki.
The page can be loaded a bit late because there are videos in the demo, if you wait a little after the page loads, the videos start playing.
Click on the pictures and videos to see a larger version of the new tab.

General Information

  • 1-120 Level
  • 5.Character Lycan
  • Adding and Removing Items to the Active Shop
  • Battle Pass
  • Dungeon Recall
  • New Passive Skills
  • Mythical Dragon Soul
  • Security System
  • Dragon Soul Enchant
  • Weekly Boss Ranking System
  • NP System
  • Helmet and shield stones
  • Soul Seal
  • Ancient Weapons
  • Aura Sash
  • Claw/Dagger Resist
  • Dungeon Tracking System
  • Renewed Pet System
  • Renewed Belt System
  • Sealed Bonus
  • Buff Protection Scroll
  • Fast Soul Refine
  • Reset Pet Skill
  • Enhanced Trading Glass
  • Poison HP Bar
  • S Skill
  • EXP Sphere
  • VIP
  • 6 Stone Slots - Drill System
  • No Bleed
  • Log System
  • Fast Chest Open
  • New Biologist System
  • Reset Pet Skill
  • Gaya Shop
  • Costume - Pet - Mount Lengthening
  • Daily Reward
  • Buff Skills On-Off
  • Degree Bonus System
  • Mission Books
  • Element Talisman
  • Enchantable Mount System

Beginning of the Game
  • You start the game with the items in the picture and 200,000 yang.
  • The duration of the given items is 3 days.
  • By opening
    Büyük Üstat Sandığı
    at 90 level, you can get the starting items again.

Aura Sash
  • You can upgrade your 25 Absorb Sash with
    Kuşak Parşomeni
    up to 30 Absorb.
  • There is a possibility that it will fail. If successful, aura effect will appear on the character.
  • When bonus absorbed sashes are developed with aura, they renew existing bonuses based on the new absorption rate.

Battle Pass
  • You can get various rewards by performing Battle Pass quests.
  • There is no repetition of quests.

Adding and Removing Items to the Active Shop
  • You can add items to your active shop from the shortcut in your inventory.
  • There is no map or ch barrier to add.

Weekly Boss Ranking System
  • The points you get from the dungeon bosses are reset the night that connects Sunday to Monday.
  • The first three in the ranking are awarded with DC award before points are reset.
  • Each dungeon boss has different points.

S Skill

Mount System
  • The mount seal
    Binek Mührü
    does not disappear after the mount seal expires. It remains in your inventory as 0 minutes. You can extend the time of your mount with
    Binek Süre Uzatıcı (24 Saat)
  • You can change the appearance of your mount by dragging
    Magma Ejder Sertifikası
    onto your mount seal.
  • You can change your mount's name with
    At şekeri
  • If you want to buy a new one instead of renewing the expired mount, you can buy new mount seals for 100,000 Yang from Seon-Pyeong in the Common Zone.
  • You can get
    Evrim Parşömeni
    Mutasyon Parşömeni
    in every evening and you can trade these items with
    Binek Efsun Ekleme
    Binek Efsun Nesnesi
    in General Store.
  • With
    Binek Efsun Ekleme
    you can add bonus to your mount.
  • With
    Binek Efsun Nesnesi
    you can change the bonuses of your mount.

+5 Stone Craft - Shield and Helmet Stones
  • With
    Düşük Kalite Obsidyen
    Yüksek Kalite Obsidyen
    you can upgrade your +4 stones in the Event Assistant in the Common Zone.
  • With
    Zırh Matkabı
    Silah Matkabı
    you can open 6 slots in your weapons and armor.
  • You can add new element stones to your shields and helmets. Like other stones, these stones fall from the Metin Stones.
  • With
    Kask Matkabı
    Kalkan Matkabı
    you can open 6 slots in your shields and helmets.

Vote Buff
  • You can support us by voting our game on our website.
  • After voting, you can get the monster, metin or boss bonus from the in-game quest.
  • Bonuses are valid for 24 hours and voting can be done every 24 hours.

Element Talisman
    Element Tılsımı +0
    A new talisman with all element bonuses.

Buff Protection Scroll
  • Thanks to
    Buff Koruma Parşomeni
    even if you die, your buffs will not disappear.
  • If you are offline in the game, this item will not expire.
  • Dispel skill doesn't work against this item.

Sealed Bonus
  • The first time you get weapons, armor, shields, helmets, necklaces, earrings bracelets and shoes, they come with 2 random sealed bonus. (except trade, shop, transformation)
    Mühür Efsun Nesnesi
    You can change the bonuses with the sealed enchant object.Rates may rise or fall during replacement.
  • Bonuses can't be deleted. When the items are converted, the sealed bonus also passes to the converted item.
  • Sealed bonuses are the same as normal bonuses on items. However, the rates are half-low.

Fixed Boss Coordinates on Map
  • Bosses appear in the game at 00 and 30 minutes of each hour.
  • You can find out where the bosses are from the blue dots on the map.
  • Even if the bosses don't live, their coordinates appear on the map.

Permanent Ore System
  • You can get permanent ores by buying them from the alchemist and add your items.
  • You cannot add permanent ores while your item has temporary ores.
  • You cannot add temporary ore to the item which has already permanent ore.

2000 Item Stacking and New Shortcuts
  • Your items can be stacked up to 2000 items.
  • With CTRL + Right Click, you can open the chests as 200s.
  • With CTRL + Left Click you can see the contents of chests.
  • You can sell items quickly by doing CTRL + X + Right Click at NPCs.
  • You can buy bulk by making SHIFT + Left Click from NPCs. Items are not stacked in bulk purchase. You can use inventory editing in inventory after purchase for this.
  • You cannot open bulk boxes in villages and common areas.

New WON System
  • The won trade system has become more functional. You will be able to buy 1 won ticket for 100kk from the store and 1 gold bar for 1 won.
  • The gold bar and won ticket can be stocked up to 2000. The functions of trade, warehouse, market, throwing, deleting and selling are closed.
  • Right-click on the gold bar and won ticket to get the value of won and yang.

Soul Seal
  • Soul Seal is a seal that can be worn permanently in the ring slots.
  • This seal gives you ; Strong against monsters, Bosses, Metins and Monster defence bonuses.
  • The seal can be upgraded from + 0 to + 20 and requires for insignias while upgrading.
  • When you wear the seal after +5 +10 and + 15, a special effect appears on your character.
  • You can get the Soul Seal from the Insignia Chests.

ON/OFF, Permanent Dews, Piercing-Critical, Energy and Dragon God Items
  • Can be produced from Huahn-So.
  • Can be made permanent and open and close.

Dungeon Tracking System
  • You can see the minimum and maximum entry levels of the dungeon.
  • You can see the time that you need to complete the dungeon.
  • You can see the object to enter the dungeon.
  • You can see how many hours you can get into the dungeon.
  • In the dungeon you can see the required element, attack and defense bonus.
  • You can see the time required for the next entry to the dungeon.
  • Shows a preview of the dungeon boss.
  • It will notify you from the bottom left when the dungeon's waiting time is over.

Renewed Pet System
  • Pets now have a constant growth rate and can be seen on the seal.
  • According to the development rate written on the seal, their status increases at every 5 levels.
  • You can see the skill slots and evolution status from the seal.
  • Pet gives monster, metin and boss bonus.
  • Pets give their features according to their evolution.
  • The first bonus is monster, the second is boss and the last is the metin is activated.
  • You can see a preview of the pet from the pet seals.
  • 3 new pet skills available: Hunter, Experience and Half-Human
  • You cannot teach half-human skills to a BERSERKER skill-trained pet.
  • You don't need to drag items to the Object Exp screen when you're developing pets. You can right-click the object exp items to explode your pet object exp.
  • You can reset your active pet skills.
  • If your pet has skills, they disappear.

Mitsi Simya Sistemi
Type Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3-5
+15 INT %15 Ice Resistance +18 Magical attack value
Resistance against skill damage %18
%18 Damage will be absorbed by HP
Resistance to Lycan attacks %18
Strong against Lycans %18
Strong against bosses %18
+15 STR %15 Fire Resistance Defence +300
Attack Value +450
Chance of projecting close combat strokes %18
Resistance to warrior attacks %18
Strong against warriors %18
%27 Exp Bonus Chance
Max SP +750 %15 Wind Resistance Max HP +%27
Piercing resistance %18
HP regeneration changed %14
Resistance to Sura attacks %18
Strong against the suras %18
Skill Damage %18
+15 DEX %15 Earth Resistance Strong against monsters %18
Monster defence %18
HP production %35
Resistance to shaman attacks %18
Strong against shamans %18
Max HP +3750
Max HP +2250 %15 Lightning Resistance Average damage resistance %15
Critical damage resistance %18
Chance of yang drop rate %27
Resistance to ninja attacks %18
Strong against ninjas %18
Strong against metins %18
+15 VIT %15 Dark Resistance Avoid arrows %18
Strong against half humans %18
Chance of item rates %27
Average damage %18
Half human defence %18
Chance of blocking melee attacks %18

Poison Bottle
  • Even if your level is not enough to kill the bosses, you will be able to throw poison with this bottle.
  • You can stop renewing HP by dragging the bottle onto the boss.
  • The bottle doesn't damage bosses but only stops the regeneration.

Red Buff System
  • When buff rates exceed 55%, the buff color becomes red.
  • The shaman buffs that come upon you are transmitted to you in detail below.
  • If you have a lower amount of buff while you have buff on you, the buff on you is not deleted

Ancient Weapons
  • You can create the ancient 30-75 and Zodiac weapons in the Common Zone.
  • You can get the necessary materials from the dungeons

Evolution System
  • You can increase your Attack values and change their glare by developing your weapons with evolution.
  • With
    Evrim Taşı
    you can increase your evolution value without looking the + of your weapon.
  • Upgrades may fail, if it fails, its evolution doesn't decrease.
  • Your weapon must be +9 for glares to appear.
    Premium Evrim Cilası
    Evrim Cilacı
    and you can increase your chances of evolution upgrade.
  • Every upgrade requires
    Evrim Kılavuzu

Notification System
  • The dungeon, biologist, and daily reward waiting period will inform you from the bottom left when they finish.
  • If you sell items from your offline market, you will receive a notification, no matter which map you are on.
  • Notifies you when someone in your friends list enters the game.
  • You can turn off the game options in detail.

New Biologist System
  • You can give biologist tasks through the window that opens from the inventory menu.
  • There are no biologist item drops in the game. You can buy them all from the Biologist with the Biologist Book.
    Biyolog Kitabı
  • There are no waiting period of up to 94 for biologist quests. There is a possibility of failure.
  • After 94 quest there are 9 new quests. Quests have waiting period and there is a possibility of failure.
  • You can give the quest with the Elixir by clicking the Elixir on the Biologist screen.
  • When the waiting period of the biologist quest is over, you will receive notification from the bottom left.

Costume Set Bonus
  • After wearing a costume and headgear with the same name, you get a costume bonus if you wear a costume weapon.
  • Costume descriptions include costume set bonuses.

Batch Separation
  • You can now divide your items into pieces by entering pieces.

Daily Reward System
  • Your character must be min. 90 levels to receive daily rewards. You can receive a random prize in every 24 hours.

Renewed Belt System
  • You no longer have to wear belts to use belt inventory..
  • You can use the inventory by opening the belt slots with the belt inventory.
    Kemer Envanteri Genişletme
  • You can put extracts, critical-piercing, dews and blessings of dragon gods in your belt inventory..

Enhanced Trading Glass
  • Item search and trading glass available in the game.
  • You can only teleport to the market with items with trading glass.
  • You can search the skill book with skill names on the trading glass.
  • You can search for items with the item search button in the inventory.

Degree Bonus System
  • After 12,000 degrees you will receive bonuses depending on your degree.
  • It gives you monsters, metins and and boss bonuses.
  • After 12,000 degrees, you can not increase your degree with killing monsters or time.
  • After 12,000 degrees, you can only increase your degree with the Fruit of Life.
    Yaşam Meyvesi
  • After 12,000 new degrees were added. Each degree has a new bonus rate.

Global Boss System - Arachne
  • Every day at 21:00 it appears in the Boss Dungeon.
  • Throws dozens of gaya and legendary cor.
  • The Boss dungeon is open to PvP.

Dungeon Attachments
  • Shows the remaining time of the dungeon under the minimap.
  • If your character is stuck or trapped, you can go to the beginning of the dungeon that you are in with the 'Save from Bug' button on the quests window.
  • When you disconnected in the dungeon, you can continue where you left the dungeon, provided you do not exceed 5 minutes.
  • You can enter the dungeons alone without a group.
  • Access to the dungeons is available from Jaharr, the Dragon Keeper in the common area.
  • You can buy tickets with Moon, Red Moon and Green Moon Scrolls.
  • You can get these scrolls from Metins.

Costume - Pet - Mount Lengthening
  • You can extend the duration of your pet, mount and costumes with these items.
  • You can extend the duration of the other items up to 3 times, except mount seal.

Event System
  • You can see the active event instantly from the event calendar in tasks.
  • When there is an active event, the task icon changes to the event drop icon.

New Exp-Yang Information Screens
  • It has been taken to a new screen on the left side in order not to occupy the chat line.
  • You can turn it on and off using the arrows.

Mission Books
  • You can earn prizes by performing quests in mission books within a range of levels.

Security System
  • Unlike other traditional servers, all security systems are one in the game.
  • Your storage password is the same as your lock and security password.
  • You can switch the security system off and on at any time.

Buff Skills On-Off
  • You can turn off your buff skills like Aura of the Sword, Crimson Wolf Soul.
  • The skill remains active unless death, dispel and manual intervention are performed.

6 Stone Slots - Drill System
  • Using drills, you can unlock new slots in your weapons and armor.
  • You can open up maximum 6 slots.

NP System
  • You can earn NP points by destroying dungeon bosses.
  • You can spend your NP points by purchasing items from Seon-Pyeong in the Common Zone.

Talisman and Costume Switch Bots
  • Good news for those who are bored of switching bonuses with manually to talisman and costumes! Now you can get rid of this burden with the switch bot!
  • New bonuses have been added to all bots.

New Passive Skills
  • 9 new passive skills.
  • You can develop these skills by reading books in Confucius.
  • This gives you; boss, metin, monster, monster defense, experience, item, critical parry, piercing parry gives bonuses.

Okey Events
  • It's always active. You can play the okey cards you dropped from monsters by turning them into sets.

Advanced Game Options
  • Item Info
  • Auto Collect
  • EXP-Yang Info
  • Monster Info
  • Top Left Effect Icons
  • Weather Modes
  • Effect Settings
  • Hide Options
  • Costume Hiding
  • Notification Settings
  • Market Distance